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UPDATE: Breakout Sessions, Time, Location 

(Known Conflicts Resolved as of 7/8/22

Click below to view updated rooms for Breakout Sessions!

Man Trying App

We created an APP for phones

for 8th NACRJ Conference! 

We created a web-based APP for computers and tablets.   

Use these tools to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements, create a personal schedule, and your event profile.

Instructions for downloading the APP onto your phone:

1. The link is for mobile devices.   

2. If you open from your cell phone, it will work. 

3. Alternatively, you can go to  your app store (wherever you download apps) and search ‘CVENT events’, the app should pop up.  

4. Once the APP is downloaded, search for NACRJ, the conference site should come up.  

5. It’ll ask you to enter your name and  email address and then you’ll be able to see the schedule, etc.  

While the APP is working well overall, there are a few things we are still working on.  We should have those functions sorted out by July 5.

The NACRJ Game on the APP

There is a game on the APP related to the conference.  Score points with the Conference Game & win prizes for the highest scores.  Have fun with it.

Plan your experience!

Download the APP for your Phone and sign in.

Quick Links

Conference Schedule

View "Moments in Illinois Restorative Justice History" 

View Locations for Breakout Sessions

View "Moments in Illinois Restorative Justice History" 

Web Based Conference App (Link to mobile app below)

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Connect with Your NACRJ Conference 2022 Local Host, Nehemiah Trinity Rising!

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